Working time planning & tracking

Take the planning and measurement of working time to a new level with PlanPro software – more efficient processes and better information exchange in one capable information system.

Working time planning & tracking

Get an overview of planned and actually spent working time in PlanPro software by employee, processes, projects, activities and tasks.

Compare the planned time with the time actually spent. The planning and measurement of working time contributes to making data-based decisions and thus, if necessary, to apply existing processes and activities.

Working time planning & tracking

Additional features

Taking the full advantage of PlanPro software other features, you can also:

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Complete software solution

PlanPro helps you manage strategic goals and metrics, departmental work plans and employee tasks, manage risk, plan, and measure budget and time. It is possible to deploy the software to the appropriate extent, adjusting it according to the needs of the organization.


Execute your strategy and take it to every employee within one tool. Set goals, objectives and targets. Follow-up and recognize.


Your goals, plans, activities. Improve internal collaboration and teamwork.


Define, categorize and evaluate risks. Define, categorize and evaluate risks. Prepare and store mitigation and action plans. Manage your risks.


Integrate budgeting with strategic management and project management. Save a lot of time and avoid spreadsheets.


Conduct performance reviews in a flexible digital solution. Time-saving processes for all key stakeholders: employees, managers, HR.


Generating, displaying, and exporting reports based on different parameters.

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