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Pricing includes several options depending on your needs and requirements for the solution. PlanPro pricing depends on the following variables: number of users, software modules in use, on cloud or on-site installation (your server).

Version upates are always free for all the contractual clients.

The one-time set-up fee (containing creation of software environment, initial basic setup and super-user training) is not included in the indicated package costs.


Employee appraisal

2 € / user

Proven solution for streamlining your employee appraisal processes.
Employee appraisal module
Employee appraisal, end of probation interviews, exit interviews etc
Competency assessment
360-degree feedback, surveys etc
min 100 €/ monthly


5 € / user

The solution for streamlining your strategy execution and performance management.
Project & task management module
Project and task management
List view, Kanban view, Gantt chart, activity log
Additional data fields on task cards
Action plans module
Action plans and sub-plans
Strategy module
Connecting projects and tasks with strategic goals
min 150 €/ monthly


9 € / user

Perfect fit for organisations streamlining and digitalising various internal processes.
STANDARD package
Working time tracking module
Planned and actual working time. Scheduler. Calendar.
Partners module
Risks module
Registry of risks, mitigation activities
Budgeting module
Revenue, cost, investments; financing sources
min 250 €/ monthly


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Complete & powerful management tool tailored for large organisations and public sector institutions.
PRO package
On-site installation
Support for subsidieries & partnering organisations
Integrations and custom solutions
Additional security and customer support

Additional options:

Pre-implementation analyses and support during implementation

Mapping and analyses of your current internal processes: long-term and short-term planning, activity planning, reporting, etc. As a result, you will get the analyses of shortcomings in current situation, suggestions for improving the processes, customising and fine-tuning the software for your organisation's specific needs.

Starting from 1500 eur
Data entry and/or import 

Entering data in the software also helps to improve the data quality (for example unify records, eliminate duplicates). We are ready to support you also in importing the data from Excel spreadsheets in the course of software implementation.

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On-site installation: software administration support 

Regular version updates and software administration, training and support to super-users for version updates.

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Pricing is valid for the latest PlanPro version. All prices above are given without 20% VAT.

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Pakettide võrdlus

Project management & task management
Project and task management (date, type, team, priority, status, comments etc)
Activity log (team communication)
List view
Board view /kanban
Gantt chart
Scheduler view
Calendar view
Possibility to connect tasks with employee performance appraisal form
Automated e-mail notification for adding a responsible, co-responsible, report, due date approaching etc
Additional data fields on task cards

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