Replace numerous Excel files with one powerful software that connects all your important processes in one digital solution: goals, work plans, budgets and results all together in one software.

The software for:

  • Development plans - create and manage development and activity plans to reach the goals, work plans and activities in one digital solution across the organisation. 
  • Project management - manage (development) projects to ensure the quality and sustainability of educational, research and academic activities to reach the goals set in strategy and/or development plans. Coordinate co-operation and communication of different projects and activities such as procurement, legal topics, etc.
  • Budgeting - plan and monitor budget across organisation, by project, by department, by activity etc.
  • Performance management and employee appraisal - PlanPro software helps you to conduct performance reviews using time-saving digital solution for performance management. Smoother and more intuitive processes for all the key stakeholders: managers, employees and HR.

1 strategic planning software for education, 50% less Excel, 100% transparency

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Better understanding of strategy on every level. 360-degree overview of the processes and activities.


Improved processes and better visibility of progress across the organization. Up to 50% less spreadsheets.


Less digital fragmentation across different channels and tools. Improved communication in and/or between teams.

PlanPro software for educational institutions

Project management and task management
Your goals, plans, activities. All collected in one solution for improved (internal) communication and teamwork.

Strategic management
Execute your strategy and take it to every employee within one tool. Set goals, objectives and targets. Follow up and recognize.

Risk management
Define, categorize and evaluate risks. Prepare and store mitigation and action plans. Manage your risks.

Working time tracking
Track working time. Have a data-based view on planned vs actual working time for different tasks and processes.

Integrate budgeting with strategic management and project management. Save a lot of time and avoid spreadsheets.

Performance appraisal
Conduct performance reviews in a flexible digital solution. Time-saving processes for all key stakeholders: employees, managers, HR.

Easily configure or customise PlanPro software to meet your exact needs. We are ready to support you!