Government agencies & nonprofits

Streamline your operations and connect strategy to execution with the help of PlanPro government strategy planning and execution management software.

Strategy execution software for government agencies & nonprofits

Replace numerous Excel files with one powerful software that connects all your important processes in one digital solution. Streamline your operations and connect strategy to execution: goals, work plans, budgets and results all together in one software.

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The software for:

Strategy execution: plan, follow and evaluate results of development plans and programmes.

Strategy execution connected to daily operations: connect strategic goals and development plans with operational plans (for example procurement, legal, government work plans, priority plans, investments, department work plans, research and studies, IT- development plans).

Project management: manage projects within and across different institutions, evaluate results.

Risk management: risk evaluation and mitigation plans management.

Audits: plan and manage audit activities.

Budgeting: plan budgets up to 4 years in advance (revenue, cost, financial sources and investments).

Comprehensive strategic view on field of activity: strategic planning, budgeting and project management all aligned.

Partners: plan and manage partners, suborganisations and activities connected to them.

Working time planning and tracking: planned vs actual working time, time tracking.

Reports: reporting for various purposes (intranet, website etc).

Employee appraisal and performance management: employee appraisal reviews, end of probation/exit interviews.

Competency assessment and mapping of training needs.

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PlanPro software for government agencies and nonprofits

PlanPro’s customers have 500+ strategic goals, 30,000+ tasks and budgets of 990 million euros.


Execute your strategy and take it to every employee within one tool. Set goals, objectives and targets. Follow-up and recognize.


Your goals, plans, activities. All connected in one solution for improved (internal) communication and teamwork.


Define, categorize and evaluate risks. Prepare and store mitigation and action plans. Manage your risks.


Integrate budgeting with strategic management and project management. Save a lot of time and avoid spreadsheets.


Track working time. Have a data-based view on planned vs actual working time for different tasks and processes.


Conduct performance reviews in a flexible digital solution. Time-saving processes for all key stakeholders: employees, managers, HR.

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