PlanPro Version Updates Spring 2024: Assignee and Priority Kanban; Enhanced Task Search; Metrics API

At PlanPro, we continuously strive to improve our software based on user feedback and needs. Every update and development is aimed at providing a more efficient and user-friendly solution.


Below is a brief summary of the updates that have been made available to our clients during the rolling version updates in April and May 2024.

Activities and Views

  • Kanban View Enhancements: New options for visualizing activities based on assignee and priority in the Kanban view have been added. In the assignee-based view, dragging an activity to another column assigns it to a new person while keeping the previous assignee as a team member. In the priority-based view, activities without a priority are marked as “unassigned,” and dragging them to another section changes their priority.
  • Activity List View Enhancements: The activity list view now displays icons in columns for connections with activity plan, strategy, risks, and partners, with the number of connections shown in parentheses. Hovering over the icons reveals more detailed information, and clicking on them opens the connections in a separate window.
  • Extended Activity Search: In addition to activity name and ID, all data related to activities (e.g. assignee, team, stages, comments, strategy, roadmap, partners, risks, metrics, budget and funding sources) can now be searched. The search results highlight the searched term, and the search settings are saved per user.
  • Grouping by Deadline: Activities can now be grouped by their deadlines in the activity list view.
  • Activity Copy Enhancements: When copying an activity, all additional form data from the original activity is now retained.

Time Planning and Measurement – Calendar

  • New Data Field “Code”: A new “Code” field has been added to calendar entries (enabled in settings), allowing references to procedures or other processes during time logging. This information can be retrieved later for detailed analysis of actual time spent or work time mapping.

Strategy and Metrics Module

  • Visible Activity Metrics: Activity metrics are now visible in the basic data of the activity card. New fields have been added: target, actual, completion percentage, and estimate. Activity metrics replace the previous quantity field.
  • Monitoring Period Selection: A monitoring period selection (daily, weekly, etc.) has been added to the metric card.
  • Improved Calculation Formulas: Calculation formulas for metric units and overall results have been refined. For example, if the target is 0 and the actual value is greater than 0, the percentage calculation now shows 100% instead of 0%.
  • KPI APIs: APIs for metrics (KPI_LIST and KPI_DETAIL) have been created.

Conversations Module

  • Resizable Questionnaire Form: Users can now adjust the width of the questionnaire form to fit their monitor, with buttons for expanding and contracting the view on the right side.
  • Total Conversations Count: The total number of conversations is now displayed in the activity log graph.
  • Detailed Respondent Information: Hovering over values in the summary graph tooltip now displays the names of respondents.
  • Highlighting Departed Employees: Names of employees who have left are now displayed in red in the All Conversations view.

Other Enhancements

  • Report Module: Users can now select desired parameters and save reports directly to Excel or HTML without needing to generate the report on the screen first.
  • Excel Import Enhancements: When importing data from Excel to PlanPro, users can now import activity connections with activity plans.
  • Activity Report Writing Settings: Settings now allow for specifying the default mode for writing activity reports—plain text or HTML.
  • Priority Order in Settings: Users can now set the order of activity priorities in settings, which determines how they are displayed in the Kanban view and elsewhere.

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