Estonian Ministry of Finance recommends implementing PlanPro as a comprehensive strategic planning software for public sector

The foundation of sound and effective governance lies in proper planning and transparency. The Estonian Ministry of Finance has released an analysis, focusing on the future directions and challenges of governance. One of the topics discussed is the reduction of internal bureaucracy and improved collaboration among various government agencies. In those ministries and goverment agencies where PlanPro software has been implemented, there is better oversight of the activities and services within the sector as a whole, as well as the achievement of goals.

The media often highlights the government reform as an initiative to consolidate government agencies and reduce public sector spending. However, the reform’s scope is more extensive. Estonia has shifted to activity-based budgeting and streamlined strategic planning, yet numerous strategic documents, action plans, and indicators are still in use. Ministries are required to submit duplicate reports, requiring substantial manual work.

The Estonian Ministry of Finance points out that government agencies use different planning platforms, including PlanPro, SharePoint, Jira, or even Excel and standard text documents. This fragmented approach hampers both planning and coordination, making it challenging to gain insights into performance.

In ministries and government agencies where PlanPro is used, there is a better understanding of the interrelationships and priorities of activities. For example, the Estonian Ministry of Climate uses PlanPro extensively for budgeting, procurement, research planning, project management, risk assessment, and performance appraisals.

The government reform analysis underscores the need for a more efficient and transparent planning environment (e.g., PlanPro or an alternative) to support the state’s strategic goals and service-based management. PlanPro has already proven its value and could be implemented across various government sectors to better coordinate and monitor goal achievement nationally.

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