Performance Appraisal Software: 7 Simple Steps to Implementation PlanPro

Performance appraisal software module in PlanPro – is it complex to implement, what are the needed pre-requisites, who are involved, what is the possible timeline, who and how need to be trained etc? These are few examples of the questions we have been asked by our partners and customers prior to implementation and launching of the system.

As you might already know, PlanPro performance appraisal software module is a flexible tool for conducting different HR/managerial conversations and feedback sessions, including performance appraisal, onboarding of new employees, exit interviews, 360-degree feedback, employee engagement surveys etc. The implementation process includes 7 simple steps.

Let’s start from the beginning – you have reached the decision to start using PlanPro performance appraisal software module (after personalized demo and discussions, of course).

The implementation process is the following:


PlanPro implementation process is starting with the set up of the client environment which can be located either in:

  • cloud;
  • your company’s/organisation’s local server.

In case of the option 1, all the necessary preparations will be handled by our team internally and in the second case your IT-team is included for certain preparations (given all the guidance and instructions by PlanPro).


Step 2 is all about importing the organisational chart/structure into software. Users are imported through Active Directory or Office 365 API for automatic user management and each performance appraisal or feedback questionnaire will already have pre-defined (managers, employees) roles in PlanPro.

In case the employee data is not available for import from the above mentioned systems, then:

  • bulk import option is available through a dedicated form with specific data fields;
  • user data will be inserted manually to the system later on.


Third step is for creating the specific form for your needs. You can send us your ideas fo this on a Word template, for example.

  • our software consultants are happy to help and support sharing the best practice and long-term experience combined with your specific input.
  • you can make changes in the form on the basis of software user manual later on.


Forth step is the training session for superusers and hands-on tests in the software.

  • Hands-on testing gives super-user needed skills, knowledge and confidence. It also gives answers to most common questions such as send-out of the questionnaires etc.
  • In case of further improvements or adjustments are needed in the system, we do validation and checking together during the training session.

The internal steps prior to GO-LIVE in the company:


Go through the main process of the software with colleagues and test the system’s working principles.

  • Few suggestions to keep in mind during testing: are the questions relavant and logical, do any questions require more detailed explanations/guidelines? Update and correct, where needed.

PRO TIP FROM PLANPRO: if you already have instructions for conducting performance appraisals in your organisation available, please link them to the appraisal in the system.


Train all managers to prepare them well for using performance appraisal software module.

  • Explain that PlanPro is the new software used for performance appraisal (or other interviews, depening on your company), login to the system, go through the overall process and workflows answer to all possible questions raised during the training sessions.
  • Employees do not require specific or special training to start working with PlanPro as it is very intuitive and simple for them to use.


Ready, set and go! You are ready to go live! Send out the questionnaires!

  • All users will get a respective e-mail notifications and the process starts.
  • The system also is notifying when the interviews have been passed on to second party of the process, sends reminders prior to due date etc.

PRO TIP FROM PLANPRO: do not forget to add instructions to interviews (appraisals) so that all the involved parties could find answers to their questions quickly and easily.

PlanPro software (and performance appraisal module) has been developed together with the top-HR leaders in Estonia and its logic is based on long-term practises of performance appraisal. We have also worked very hard to make the implementation process as simple and convenient for our customers as possible.

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