PlanPro software is a flexible management tool for conducting various evaluations, e.g. annual and mid-term reviews, end of probation period interviews, onboarding programs, exit interviews, feedback interviews, employee satisfaction surveys, etc. An appropriate workflow has been created for every type of interview. Make your own questionnaire form with your questions or use ready-made questionnaires available. Reports on all data on the basis of required parameters can, if desired, saved in Excel format.

Employee appraisals

You may conduct performance reviws either once a year or with such regularity that is required by you – for example, annually, semiannually or quartely. For surveys of different departments or different employees, forms with different questions can be used. In addition to that, you can choose whether the employee or manager should start completing the questionnaire first. By default, the interviewer is always the employee’s immediate manager, but, if necessary, conducting an interview can be sub-delegated by the manager. Confidentiality of the draft will ensure that the other party won’t see the content until the questionnaire is submitted to him/her.

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Competencies assessment

Employee competencies assessment provides valuable information for estimating employee’s professional success. Competencies assessment can be made on the basis of overall skills of the organisation and competency models created for diffent positions in the course of regular annual interviews between the manager and the employee or as 360/270-degree feedback. For the assessment, various rating scales and levels can be used and also the possibility to write free comments must be given.

Measure performance and set targets

At the beginning of the time period, the manager and the employee will agree operational objectives and expected outcomes. As a result, the employee’s personal work plan is generated in PlanPro Planning and Project Management Module. At the end of the time period, analysis and evaluation of results in the interview form is made using the agreed metrics.
It is important that strategic goals of the organisation should be made available to employees. For every task, PlanPro enables to show the goal of the organisation to which achievement the given task contributes.
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360-degree feedback

360- or 270-degree feedback questionnaire enables to get feedback information about professional behavior of the employee in structured form from his/her manager, subordinates, colleagues as well as from outside of the organisation – from customers and partners. The results are available to the evaluated person (evaluee), the human resources manager and the evaluee’s immediate manager. Requesting feedback can be done in fully anonymous form, meaning that it is not identifiable from answers who exactly has given which assessment or written which comment.

Training and development needs

Received trainings are usually also reviewed in the course of personal development interviews. Training data of previous period can be automatically displayed in interview forms.
Employees’ development needs are also mapped, new training wishes are collected and priorities are established. This information will form the basis for drawing up a training plan for the organisation for the next year.
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Satisfaction surveys and other online surveys

Satisfaction surveys and other online surveys

PlanPro evaluations modul is a very flexible platform with a wide variety of options that is also used to conduct different types of satisfaction surveys, for example, employee commitment and satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and also the selection of the Employee of the Year, determination of the Achievement of the Year, etc.
If desired, we will assist you in the generation of the survey form by involving external partners, and also in conducting a statistical analysis of results and visualising these data.

Overview of the Possibilities of the PlanPro Employee Performance Appraisal Module

  • + Web-based access (company’s server or cloud services).
  • + Unlimited number of questionnaires.
  • + Different questionnaire templates and workflows.
  • + All kinds of question types and their combinations.
  • + Adding help texts and guidelines to questions.
  • + Adding pictures, videos and links to questionnaires.
  • + Questionnaires on multiple pages.
  • + Rights of response depending on the question (Manager or employee or both).
  • + Determination of the mandatory questions.
  • + Assessment of competencies (general and job-specific).
  • + Sending of questionnaires to the department or an individual employee.
  • + Determination of the deadline for filling in the questionnaire.
  • + Addition of an informational text to the questionnaire.
  • + Conducting interviews can be sub-delegated by the managers.
  • + Opening the questionnaire by using the link in email or in software.
  • + Activity log to record all activities related to interviews.
  • + Email notifications and reminders.
  • + Evaluation of objectives of the previous period in the interview form.
  • + Integration of objectives to be agreed into a work plan.
  • + Automatic save of answers.
  • + Sending the questionnaire back and forth between the employee and manager.
  • + Reopening the approved questionnaire for the employee or manager.
  • + Saving the questionnaire in PDF.
  • + Overview of the status of the completion of questionnaires.
  • + Displaying results in charts.
  • + Drawing up reports using various filters.
  • + Exporting results to Excel.
  • + Archiving questionnaires.
  • + Importing questionnaire pdfs of previous years into the system.
  • + Access to questionnaires of left employees.
  • + Automatic structure and user management via AD or Office365.
  • + Logging in also provided with ID Card or Mobile ID access.
  • + Business level of security (OWASP certificate).
PlanPro sofware can be put into services to appropriate extent by configuring it according to the needs of the organisation.
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