Customer story: Manufacturing company MDC Max Daetwyler achieved significant time savings by implementing PlanPro

In the mechanical engineering company MDC Max Daetwyler, the introduction of the PlanPro software has made the process of performance appraisals, end-of-probation interviews and other appraisals much more efficient, and the time saving is significant, confirms the company’s HR specialist Algi Van Rens. Conversations are also held with production workers, which is not very common in Estonia.

AlgiVan Rens, Human Resources Specialist at MDC Max Datewyler

What was decisive in the choice of software?

The need for software arose a few years ago from the desire to find a more practical and time-saving solution for conducting performance appraisals. In the past, data was collected on paper – document forms were prepared in Word and Excel, employees mostly filled them manually, and the analysis of the collected data was difficult and time-consuming.

During the selection of the software solution, the HR department got acquainted with various possibilities, and PlanPro met the expectations the best.

For MDC Daetwyer, it is very important that the software allows managing different conversations and is logical and user-friendly in its structure. In addition, data security was important – instead of a cloud solution, based on the company’s security policy, an on-premise solution was introduced, i.e. the PlanPro software is installed on the company’s own server. Since most of the company’s personnel speak Russian, it was necessary to keep in mind that the software could be used in both Estonian and Russian.

The whole implementation process was fast – from the signing of the contract to the start of the first performance interviews, it took a total of about 2 months. At the same time, reviewing the conversation forms with a fresh eye required most of the time – which topics to cover in the conversation forms and which questions to ask. The introduction of the software brought to the table the substantive side of the entire performance appraisal – why it is needed and why an answer like “Fine!” or “Everything is fine” is not enough. The interview forms from previous years were also imported the system as files, so that what was discussed at the interview last year was immediately in front of you.

At the beginning of the implementation of the software, a representative of PlanPro went to the company to conduct information sessions and training. At the beginning, it was also necessary to explain to the managers that the software is a tool to simplify the process of conversations and that it certainly does not replace a face-to-face conversation. By now, employees have embraced the program nicely.

“At this point, I have to praise PlanPro’s customer support – our cooperation goes perfectly, all our special requests have been implemented and answers to questions are always quick. We also really like the fact that we receive ongoing information about upgrades (new functions and even more convenient solutions) and it can be seen that there is an investment in the development of the software,” acknowledges Algi.

We receive ongoing information about upgrades (new functions and even more convenient solutions) and it can be seen that investment is being made in software development.

The time savings are significant

In addition to performance appraisals, MDC Daetwyer PlanPro also manages new employee questionnaires and feedback, probationary interviews, and collects feedback from those leaving the job. Feedback forms for supervisors and supervisors have been developed and are in use for in-house coaching.

“The PlanPro solution is very nice, that the activities and goals agreed in the previous conversation can be automatically transferred to the new form, and no agreement will be forgotten,” rejoices Algi.

A PlanPro user account has been created for all employees, where they can view and read conversations related to themselves at any time. Before the face-to-face meeting with their manager, employees PlanPros fill out their own form, giving feedback on their work, set goals and make proposals for the next period. Production workers are also included in the conversations. 

Algi emphasizes: “There is certainly no need to be afraid that the production workers do not know how to or cannot handle using the program. It is worth choosing a cooperation partner who takes into account the needs of your company and is ready to offer special solutions.

The biggest advantage of PlanPro for us is that all the information about the conversations that took place can be found in one place. Managers have access to their people’s information with a few clicks, and the employee can always view their previous conversations and see what the agreements and goals were.

In the personnel department, we can extract various reports, and the time saving is significant. We have not directly measured how many hours we save per conversation compared to before, but various taskssuch as entering information from handwritten forms into the computer, translating them into Russian or Estonian, scanning and saving the forms on the server and personnel folders have been eliminated. The time spent on mediating information has decreased significantly. There is an overview of the process how far the managers are with their conversations – which are being prepared by the employee, completed by the manager or already confirmed. It saves so many phone calls. Thanks to the report options, the CEO can also quickly get an overview.”

There is certainly no need to fear that the production workers do not know how to use the program. It is worth choosing a cooperation partner who takes into account the needs of your company and is ready to offer special solutions.

MDC Max Daetwyler Eesti AS is a Swiss family business and has been operating in Tallinn since 1996. from. Over the years, a competence center for mechanical engineering has been developed here. Both individual products and small series are produced for customers operating in various industrial fields, starting with solar technology and ending with the watch, car, ship and aircraft industries. 98% of production is exported. MDC Max Daetwyler values ​​precision, quality and innovation and applies these skills and qualities to the benefit of the client.

At the moment, the company has nearly 100 employees. Long-term working relationships, employees’ health and sports lifestyles, reconciliation of work and family life, voluntary work and traditions and joint events are valued. The company has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, the family-friendly employer silver label and the remote work label. In addition, MDC Daetwyler belongs to the network of Donate Time and Health-Promoting Workplaces and is a member of PARE and the Central Union of Employers.

If you are looking for suitable software to take your strategic planning to a new level, be sure to ask for PlanPro software demo.

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