Version Update PlanPro 6.9: User-Defined Views, New Forms For Strategy, Risks, Partners And Action Plans

We are pleased to announce that we are starting this year with a new version of PlanPro.

Changes throughout the system:
•It is possible to view activities without cofillers (in the homepage and in the structure view).
•If you do not want to see certain activities (eg, completed, inactive, etc.) on the front page or in other views , you can easily turn them off and the settings will be saved.
•Creating of user-defined views. Users can switch on and off the columns and these settings will be saved.

The general view or “trees”:
•New dynamic and convenient forms for strategy, risks, partners and action plans. The design is similar to the action form.
•Working with the strategy, action plan, etc. tree elements has been improved.
•Financial data displayed in the trees: income (planned, factual) and outcome (planned, factual).
•Budget control amount option in structure, strategy, action plans.

Activities and the activity form:
•It is possible to enter responsibility amount of the budget.
•Special form for legislative actions.
•Parent activities are not shown if the activity is “deleted” (but has the possibility to be restored by the administrator).
•Timestamp for creation of general report is included.

The report:
•Income and outcome accounts can be displayed as separate accounts.
•Order of columns in budget has been changed.

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