Version Update PlanPro 6.7: Transfer Of Tasks, Work Assessment, Recycle Bin

  • PlanPro version 6.7 has several new features.

    • Transfer of tasks. For example, during the vacation period or after an employee leaves the company, it is possible to transfer task(s) to another employee(s).
    • Work assessment. The direct manager or, depending on the system configuration, the employees themselves can evaluate the completed tasks.
    • Recycle bin. Removed tasks remain in the recycle bin for two weeks, it means that during this time the user with administrator rights can restore (accidentally) deleted tasks. After two weeks the system deletes them permanently.
    • By creating a new sub-activity it will by default aquire the same links (team, strategy, risks and action plans) as the parent acitivity.
    • The monthly report and the genral report saves the name of the last user who has made changes.
    • Additional features in the reports module, including showing activities with different levels in different columns.
    • etc.

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