PlanPro Version Update 5.5: Improved Time Schedule, Filter And Search Options For Activities

  • The activities in all views now have a search option. You can search by the name of the activity and the results are displayd at the same time you type the search words.
  • We have added the possibility to filter activities by the status and start/end date. Using the filter, you can for example see only current week tasks or only uncompleted tasks.
  • The activity tree allows to add a third level (it is by default not visible).
  • Time schedule view (Gantt chart) has been updated. Different levels have different colours. Instead of month or year view you can also zoom the schedule until the desired accuracy is met. By default a time schedule for current month is shown.
  • The activity lock icon has been placed in front of the name of the entry.
  • and other smaller improvements and changes.