How can we help you? Selection of features:

Project management and task management

Your goals, plans, activities. All connected in one solution for improved (internal) communication and teamwork.


Strategic management

Execute your strategy and take it to every employee within one tool. Set goals, objectives and targets. Follow-up and recognize.


Risk management

Define, categorize and evaluate risks. Prepare and store mitigation and action plans. Manage your risks.


Working time tracking

Track working time. Have a data-based view on planned vs actual working time for different tasks and processes.



Integrate budgeting with strategic management and project management. Save a lot of time and avoid spreadsheets.


Performance appraisal

Conduct performance reviews in a flexible digital solution. Time-saving processes for all key stakeholders: employees, managers, HR.


360-degree feedback

Have a complete view on employee performance: combine self-evaluation with colleague's, manager's and external partner's feedback. Define strenghts and weaknesses.


Comptency assessment

Evaluate employee competencies using general or position-specific competency models. Define areas for development.


Engagement surveys

Conduct surveys to get feedback: measure employee engagement and satisfaction, gather input for further dialogue on different topics.



Who can we help? Selection of industries trusting us:


Local municipality




Professional services


Better understanding of strategy on every level. 360-degree overview of the processes and activities.


Less digital fragmentation across different channels and tools. Improved communication in and/or between teams.


Improved processes and better visibility of progress across the organisation. Up to 50% less spreadsheets.

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Customer Story/Elron: PlanPro has Significantly Helped to Improved Our Internal Processes and Communication

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