Customer Story/Elron: "PlanPro has Significantly Helped to Improve Our Internal Processes and Communication"

Meet Elron (Eesti Liinirongid), the Estonian company that provides national railway passenger transportation services all over Estonia. Nele Gerberson (Head of Development) and Natali Aosaar (Head of Safety) are sharing Elron’s experience with PlanPro strategy execution software.

Tell Us a Bit about Elron.

As said above, Elron’s duty is to provide a fast, convenient, environmentally-friendly and safe train transportation service all over Estonia. We regard customer focus, continuous improvement and development of services, environmentally-friendly activities, and continuous care for the working conditions and health of our staff.

The company has 321 employees today and handled 6.1 million single journeys during last year (2021).

What are Your Roles and Responsibilities in Elron?

Nele: “ I am Head of Development at Elron. I am co-ordinating the whole process of strategic planning, development and risk management.”

Natali: As Head of Safety at Elron, I am making sure that Elron’s activities are safe and in compliance with all the regulations and requirements.”

How Long is Elron's Experience with PlanPro Software Execution Software? What Features Elron is using?

Elron implemented PlanPro in December 2020. All the strategic planning is carried out in PlanPro since then, including annual work plans and follow-up. Software is also used for risk management and critical incident handling (e.g. railway accidents, work-related accidents, critical situations etc.)  All the employee performance appraisals have been conducted in PlanPro environment for the past two years.

What Problems Have Been Resolved since the Implementation of PlanPro Software Execution Software? What Has Improved or Become More Efficient?

PlanPro provides a complete view on companies strategic goals that easily can be connected with department’s, team’s or employee’s personal goals. All this is available in performance appraisal module,  connecting company’s strategy with everyone’s personal goals.

Software connects also risk management, risks and possible scenarios for minimising the risks, while all the risks and related incidents  can be handled in the same tool.

Implementation of PlanPro has significantly decreased the number of various Excel spreadsheets and manage interconnected information better. The system for registering and handling critical incidents has improved the communication between different departments; all the case/incident related materials and documents are stored in one tool now.

What Are the Benefits of PlanPro in Your Experience?

The greatest benefits definitely are the much more efficient processes throughout the company. For example, the activities agreed during performance appraisal will automatically be included in the work plan. There is no need to re-insert the data again, as we used to do prior to working with PlanPro. Risk management module gives an excellent overview of all possible risks and activities related to it, new activities are connected to the risk automatically.

Was it Difficult for Elron to Implement PlanPro? How Would You Describe the Process of Implementation?

The implementation process had several stages that were integrated to regular working processes during the period of six months.  All the employees had enough time to familiarise themselves with the new tool and the step-by-step implementation period made overall process simple for us.

The system itself was already corresponding to Elron’s needs to large extent, only a few additional developments were handled quickly for us.  Most time-consuming probably was the insertion of data to strategy and risk management modules, but luckily it was a one-time-only activity.

For critical incident handling, PlanPro developed a specific form for Elron, which met our needs for registering and handling safety-related incidents. PlanPro system also enables to pull out different kind of reports regarding incidents.

What is the Broader Feedback from the Organisation?

Elron’s team is using PlanPro environment actively. All the employees really appreciated the performance appraisal module that minimised remarkably the need to insert data and information manually and repeatedly. All the previous period’s goals and trainings that needed to be manually inserted to performance appraisal forms before, are now automatically available in PlanPro on pre-filled forms. 

Everyone working in Elron have an internal commitment to have all the activities agreed on management level in PlanPro. Some of our employees also prefer to handle their daily work and tasks in the system as well. 

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