PlanPro is a management tool with many options that helps to:

  • + conduct strategic planning and manage development programs;
  • + monitor state strategies and government action plans;
  • + draw up action plans and control work schedules;
  • + set budget, responsible persons and deadlines for the activities;
  • + track progress in performing the activities and achievement of the goals;
  • + analyse the use of the financial resources;
  • + manage risks;
  • + plan yearly budget;
  • + organize co-operation and communication between subordinate organisations;
  • + plan workforce and conduct performance reviews.

Drawing up work plans and monitoring of implementation

  • Work plan views by department, employee and as a plan summary
  • Employees’ activities linked to strategic goals
  • Types of activities: project operations, normal routine, procurement, legislation drafting, etc.
  • Assignment of responsible person and co-responsibles, determination of start and end date and importance
  • Planning the execution time of activities and budget planning
  • Monitoring the status of activities
  • Submitting reports on activities (on daily, monthly or yearly basis)

Performance management

  • + Objectives setting for employees and agreeing on expected results
  • Establishing direct links of employee activities to strategy
  • Current assessment of activities
  • + Evaluation of results using Employee Performance Appraisal Modul

Project management

  • + Administration of project plan
  • + Selection of project team and allocation of roles
  • + Request approval from team members
  • Intermediate project stages (checklist)
  • Kanban board view to facilitate planning
  • + Using Gantt chart in project management
  • Automatic reminders and notifications

Strategic management

  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • + Initial level and target level for strategic goals
  • Determination of metrics for strategic goals
  • + Strategic areas and responsible persons
  • Drawing up action plans
  • + Availability of information on strategic goals for each employee


  • + Activity-based budgeting
  • Budget planning per department
  • Planned costs versus actual costs/revenue
  • Determination of financial resources
  • Checksums per year
  • Determination of off-budget funds
  • + Monitoring budget implementation

Risk management

  • Risk identification
  • Assessment of risk probability and impact
  • Determination of person responsible for risk mitigation
  • Setting a deadline for risk mitigation
  • Aligning activities with risks
  • Linking risks with budget

Time tracking

  • Planning task time
  • Recording actual working time
  • Comparison of planned and actual working time
  • Time units: minute, hour, day, FTE
  • Calendar view
  • Integration with Outlook calendar


  • Overview of own and colleagues’ activities in Activity Log
  • Reports to email on entries about activities
  • Drawing up reports on the basis of various parameters
  • Personal and public report templates
  • Comparison of planned and actual use of budget
  • Comparison of planned and actual time consumption
  • Exporting reports (HTML, XLS)

Setting the system

  • Generation of workflows for tasks
  • User rights and roles
  • Setting task types, statuses, assessments, etc
  • Setting colors of charts
  • Activation/deactivation of modules

Overview of the Functionality of the PlanPro Planning and Project Management Software

  • + Web-based access (company’s server or cloud services).
  • + Business level of security (OWASP certificate).
  • + Automatic structure and Active Directory user management.
  • + User groups and user roles.
  • Multi language support.
  • + Access to plans of previous years.
  • + Email notifications and reminders.
  • + Integration of personal development objectives into work plan.
  • + Displaying activities of the work plan and their evaluation in the personal evaluation interview form.
  • + Activity log to record all activities related to operations.
  • + Generation and management of workflows.
  • + Setting fields in action forms.
  • + Sharing tasks with subordinate institutions/subsidiaries.
  • + Budget planning and monitoring of actual expenses and revenues.
  • + Determination of rights to view, open and change activities.
  • + Adding links and files to activities.
  • + Adding execution reports to activities (on daily and monthly basis or general summaries).
  • + Adding expected results and comments to activities.
  • + Generation of intermediate stages of activities.
  • + Coordination of activities.
  • + Management of time consumption of project team.
  • + Management of project costs and revenues.
  • + Assessment of risk probability and impact, defining risk level.
  • + Risk and incident register.
  • + Procurement types, contract types and dates.
  • + Management of procurement plans.
  • + Management of law-making process.

PlanPro sofware can be put into services to appropriate extent by configuring it according to the needs of the organisation.

Performance reviews
Competency tracking