Renewal of PlanPro reports system in Moldova

PlanPro helps to reduce bureaucracy and to improve the transparency of the activities and the quality of the reports in the public sector in Moldova. PlanPro software has been successsfully implemented in Republic of Moldova already in 2014: Chancellery of Republic of Moldova uses information system for managing Moldovan Government action plans and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for […]

Montenegro Government uses PlanPro software

We are pleased to announce that the Government of the Republic of Montenegro has decided to implement PlanPro software as a tool for strategic planning and monitoring. PlanPro was initially introduced as a pilot project in four ministries for planning and monitoring the ministries’ work plans and projects, and for central monitoring and monitoring of […]

Estonian Road Administration Will Begin To Use PlanPro For Conducting Performance Interviews And For Assessment Of Competencies

Estonian Road Administration will begin to use PlanPro software for conducting development conversations, assessment and final interviews as well as for assessment of competencies. PlanPro interviews and staff appraisal module gives a full picture of competences, personnel development activities and training needs in the organisation. PlanPro software helps the Personnel Department to analyse competence levels, […]